5 Ways to Style a Mirror

5 Ways to Style a Mirror

You can use a mirror to take a room’s design scheme to the next level. While mirrors are an excellent decor piece, they are also functional. Mirrors can distribute light and add dimension to the room. They will make a space instantly feel larger and more open- it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book! We’ll be sharing 5 ways to style a mirror to make the most out of your space!

Styling a mirror
  1. Use the mirror as a focal point on your wall. Placing it in the middle will draw the eye to the mirror and create an illusion that the space is much more grand than it really is. You should make sure to take in consideration the shape and style of the mirror to ensure it compliments the other furnishings and decor. Scale is key!

2. Group several mirrors together to create an artistic wall display. Using mirrors that are all the same shape and color will help unify the display. Adding different sizes of the mirrors will add some depth.

3. Placing a mirror over a mantel is timeless and classic. Layer in some greenery, vintage decorative accents and voila-you’ve styled your mantel. You want to hang your mirror about 3 to 6 inches above the mantle to give the objects on the mantle breathing room. For a little more flare, choose a fun mirror shape!

4. Add Interest to an Awkward Space. Spice up a bare hallway, the empty space above your bed, or the lonely wall in your living room with an eclectic mirror. Fit it to the size of your space. Make it feel like an intentional surprise.

5. Place a large mirror on the floor against the wall. Using a large mirror, will help fill up those large bare walls that you just don’t know what to do with. You can only have so many gallery walls! 🙂 You can use an antique mirror to give the room a traditional, collected feel or a sleek mirror to go for a more modern look.

Mirror above bed

Incorporating mirrors into your design scheme will elevate your space. While they are functional, they can still be great decorative additions to reflect your style. We hope these styling tips have inspired you and given you a good idea of where you are going to start!

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5 Ways to Style a Mirror

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