The Teasley Projects: Master Bathroom Reveal

Master Bathroom Reveal

I am so excited to reveal The Teasley Projects master bathroom!! We absolutely love the outcome of this project and are delighted to share it with you all.

When we were brought on for the Teasley project remodel, the new home owners had just purchased this beautiful home and were looking to make it theirs. The Mediterranean exterior did not match the interior and we knew we needed to bring some cohesivity to the home and sprinkle some of that Mediterranean flair inside without going overboard. We wanted to stay true to the style of the home.

 Tons of natural materials were used in many rooms of this house and the master bathroom was no exception. From the antiqued limestone flooring, handmade zellige tiles and terracotta shower floors, this bathroom is a tranquil oasis that will never go out of style. 

Zellige tile is handmade, giving each tile a unique glaze, color, and texture. No two zellige tiles are exactly alike, so the end result is full of texture, movement and interest. Let’s just say I have a deep love for zellige!

We forwent the traditional trim pieces on the edge of this beautiful tile and instead did a simple edging of grout that added an authentic look for an already textural installation. Embracing the imperfect, artisanal feel of this tile, elevated the space and gave it a more custom feel.

Master Bathroom
Garden Bathtub

 The antiqued limestone floors were the first material selected for this bathroom design and I was so obsessed with it, that we based the entire design around it. It’s a neutral flooring so it’s not like we made any design choice compromises because of it. It will literally go with everything! It lends a refined rusticity to the space that gives warmth and an abundance of character. I’ve been wanting to use Limestone in a project for years and I’m so excited we found the perfect project to use it in.

Soapstone countertop over white vanity, with a stained oak tower cabinet bring in just the right amount depth, to ground the space and keep it from looking too light and white. Mixed metals in the space like usual…. to create a collected-over-time look. We aren’t big fans of matchy-matchy if you can’t tell already.

We could not be more pleased with how this project turned out and hope are clients are enjoying this space for many years to come! Stay tuned next week to see more of The Teasley Projects Reveal!

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The Teasley Reveal: Master Bathroom Reveal

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