The Teasley Projects Kitchen: Shop the Look

The Teasley Projects Kitchen: Shop the Look

Last week we revealed another room of the Teasley House that we had the pleasure of working on- the kitchen! If you missed the reveal last week, you can click here to read it. As mentioned previously, we were working hard to bring the Mediterranean style of the exterior into the inside of the house as well. This also applied to the styling decor pieces we used! Keep scrolling if you’re looking for some new decor accessories for your kitchen at affordable prices. You can find some of the pieces and similar items that we used in the Teasley Kitchen on my Amazon Storefront.

You might have noticed that brass metals and wood tones are a common theme within The Teasley Project. Both add a warm feel to the home and really bring the space together. We mixed metals by adding black cabinet hardware in other areas of the kitchen and it pairs nicely with the brass accents and artistic tiles.

Styling the Teasley Projects Kitchen

Incorporating small details such as the bamboo scrub brush with similar materials as those used in the space can help tie together the entire look. It’s all in the details, friends! Amazon has recently been my go to spot for great stylish decor accessories that can get here in a jiffy! If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen, these items should give you a great place to start!

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The Teasley Projects Kitchen: Shop the Look

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