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This week we wanted to share some of our favorite built-ins! Custom built-ins not only add storage and functionality, but when done well, they contribute to the overall design story of a home. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your collections, whether it’s art, books, or decor. Built-ins will give the room a sense of depth and dimension. Are you in need of some built-in inspo? Keep reading!

Living Room

The image above shows the classic living room built-in shelving around the tv, that helps connect that big black box to the rest of the room. This is a great way to maximize your space, by adding the built-in shelving you not only elevate your average tv stand but now have plenty of space to store and display whatever you’d like. We love the mix of textures going on in the built-in above. The wicker baskets and greenery really help pull everything together, and the mixture of wood finishes with the timeless white shelving looks amazing!


What we love about built-ins is that you can customize them to work for you and your needs. The kitchen is one of those rooms that we want to look beautiful, but also functional. We work with our cabinet makers to customize the interiors of the cabinets and drawers to ensure that every inch is maximized exactly to our clients needs. Custom cabinetry that can hide your appliances, store your water bottles, cooking accessories & more, while also giving you a unique and beautiful space…. is what our kitchen dreams are made of!


Custom built-ins can be incorporated into any room of your home. Just like your kitchen, your bathroom is one of those rooms that can easily be cluttered. Functional storage is an easy way to ensure you have enough space to store your products and towels. Mixing up the wood used in your built-ins is an excellent way to give character to any room. We love how the dark wood tones in the tower cabinet stand out against the neutral color scheme of the bathroom, and the mixed metals throughout really tie it all in.


Who doesn’t love an organized closet?! Closets are one of the most popular places where people tend to add built-ins. Coming up with a built-in layout that works for you is very important, especially in such a personal place. Check out one of our built-in shoe racks in the closet above. We kept it simple with the off-white cabinetry, and added a dramatic touch with some fun, bold tile.

The use of built-ins throughout your home will surely elevate your space while keeping it organized and free of clutter. Built-ins fit into any home and any aesthetic, if you’re looking for something more unique, they can be customized to fit your needs and style. We hoped this blog inspired you to add a few built-ins to your home!

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