Overton Project Study Reveal

More and more people are working from home these days. Whether it be part time or full time, you want to be inspired by your work space and love where you work, so we were beyond excited when a client we had worked with in the past reached out and wanted help transforming a space in her home into her new office! We had such a fun time with this project and are so excited to share it with all of you today!

Office space that inspires you #accentwall #gallerywall #velvetchairs #studyroom

With our Overton Project, we had a large, open upstairs loft to work with. Pretty much a blank canvas! We knew we needed to get creative with this space and transform it into a workspace that is not only functional for our client but also her sweet pups. The pups played an important role in the overall design of this space!

Window seat with dog lounge area underneath #dogbed #windowseat #naturallight #studyroom #officedesign #interiordesign

We wanted to create a place where they could lounge while mom was working close by, so we took advantage of the beautiful, large window and created a window seat with the dog lounge area underneath. While mom is hard at work, they can snore the day away!

Eclectic Gallery Wall #interiordesign #studyroom #officespace #framing #accentwall #gallerywall

For the eclectic gallery wall, we incorporated art and photos our clients have taken of their travels and of course their beloved pups. This is our favorite way to curate gallery walls, by incorporating a variety of elements. The candid bath pic of the two pups above is my absolute favorite.

Sleek Sconces for the Office #interiordesign #homelighting #accentwall #officedesign #windowseat
Lighting and Abstract Art for an Office Space #interiordesign #homelighting #accentwall #officedesign #windowseat

We wanted to create zoom worthy back drop and infuse some color in the space, so we went with a deep blue accent wall paired with an oversized, bold abstract piece of art. It plays a pretty backdrop to all those video conference calls.

Adding texture and warmth to your study room #interiordesign #greenery #gallerywall #coffeetablebooks #officedesign

We love bringing in warmth through a variety of textures, while always adding pops of greenery to make everything come to life! 

Do you have a space in your home that you love to work in? I would love to hear what your must-haves to work from home are in the comments below!

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Elevating your study #interiordesign #gallerywall #officedesign #officedecor #builtinwindowbench

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