How to Style a Bookshelf

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Styling a bookshelf is a simple way to make your space feel more cozy. Whether you are a book hoarder or a collector- you can tastefully display your favorite items on a bookshelf to bring more life into your home. Today I’ll be giving you tips on how to style your bookshelf like a pro!

My favorite item to use when styling a bookshelf is books of course! Books are the base of good shelf styling. Lay them both flat and horizontally, as it will create different depths and heights that are pleasing to the eye. When styling, remember less is more. You don’t want to overcrowd the shelf.

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You can add more than just books to your shelf. Adding your favorite decor pieces like vases and baskets to your shelf is a great way to add some texture. Placing plants is an easy and tasteful way of adding a pop of color to your shelf.

Layering is key to creating an eye-catching bookshelf. You can add in artwork and picture frames to add dimension. Take a step back while you are arranging your pieces and try to view it as a guests point of view. This will help make sure it does’t look too cluttered.

Having a strategically styled bookshelf in your home its an excellent way to add design and decor in your home without having to spend too much time or money. I hope these tips have given you a good foundation to start styling!

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