How to Design a Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a great way to make your space unique to you and your personality. When designing a gallery wall, the possibilities are endless! If you collect things, this is a great chance to put them on display. You could also take the opportunity to create a theme for the entire room. If you like the idea of creating your own gallery wall, but you’re unsure where to start, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to check out some tips on how to style your gallery wall.

Gallery Wall

In order to create visual interest, you should vary both your art styles and incorporate different dimensions. A general rule of thumb should be to select 2-3 larger pieces and then fill in the rest of the wall with smaller pieces. Each gallery wall is unique and should be personal to you. Including some family photos is an excellent way to ensure your wall reflects who you are. When including family pictures make sure to match the tone of your other art pieces. For example, if the art and photography you have already placed are warm, you’ll want to choose family pictures that are warmer as well to compliment each other.

Styling a gallery wall
Pro Tip: Lay out all of your pieces on the floor in the pattern you want to place them on the wall before you break out the nails and hammer.

When selecting frames, don’t be afraid to mix it up! Selecting a few different finishes will look awesome, just be sure that at least 2-3 pieces have the same colored frame. For instance, if you are mixing walnut, brass and black frames you should have at least 2-3 frames of each of those color tones for a well balanced look. When you have gathered all of your artwork and frames, it’s time to think about your layout. Start with the largest pieces first and make sure these items are off-centered. After you’ve placed your larger pieces you can begin to fill in the space with the smaller frames. Mix up your horizontal and vertical pieces to avoid having too many variations next to each other. The amount of space you pick between each item is completely up to you, but we typically put them 2-3 inches apart! If you have a lot of items and are going for a fuller gallery wall, space them closer together. If you like the minimal look that is really popular right now, choose larger scale items and space them further apart.

Gallery wall

We hope these tips have inspired you and will help when designing your own gallery wall. It’s a beautiful way to display your collectibles and family photos in a way that is true to you and your style.

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