Top 5 Spring 2023 Home Decor Trends

Spring is almost here! If you’re looking to give your living space a refresh with a trendy twist next season, keep on reading! These top 5 Spring 2023 home decor trends are a must-try!

Bold Colors

The year of bold, saturated colors is upon us! There is no better way to refresh one’s home than embracing a more vibrant color palette. Playful, fun colors are making a big comeback for 2023, especially the color of the year, Magenta. Other colors we predict will be popular this year are warm terracotta hues, muted pinks, neutral greens, moody blues, and rich yellows. Incorporating such colors adds interest and depth to your home. You can make a subtle statement by adding a statement piece of furniture such as a chair or even a decorative pillow, or you can go all out and paint a whole room.

Restorative Spaces

The concept of self-care has been very popular for some time now and has slowly transitioned into our living spaces. Coming home to an environment where you can feel relaxed and where you can restore is everyone’s dream.

The bathrooms are one of the most popular and easiest rooms in the home to incorporate this trend. People want their bathroom to feel like a relaxing spa or retreat where they can unwind. Adding items like cozy furniture, ambient lighting, greenery, wood touches, and calming color palettes will help you achieve your restorative space. 


Curves have been seen in furniture for a while now, and they’re here to stay for Spring 2023. You will most likely find curves being used in home builds such as entryways and stairs. They can also be found in furniture such as sofas and coffee tables. If you want to ease your way into this trend, there are plenty of home decor items that you can try. Adding a curved mirror to your bedroom or living room would make a great statement piece. 

Natural Materials

The use of natural fabrics and textures is a top trend this Spring. Buying furniture or home decor that utilizes subtle materials such as rattan, inlay, and cane is the way this trend translates into the home. This trend is also a great way to achieve casual vibes in your home. You can go big with a cane headboard, or you can start small with a rattan statement tray or lampshade. Natural materials instantly make a space feel welcoming and relaxed.

Textured & Statement Wallpaper

If you’re wanting to refresh your home for Spring, wallpaper is the way to go. You can go for a bold color, maybe even a jewel tone, or you can add texture to a room utilizing textural wall applications. To add some texture, use lime wash paint or plaster. If that’s too much commitment, you can also use a patterned wallpaper, looking for some wallpaper inspiration. Head to Our Favorite Wallpapers blog! 

While there are so many trends when it comes to home decor and interior design, there is no one right way to do it. Go for what feels good to you and what will help your home turn into your sanctuary. We cannot wait to see which one of the trends you’ll be incorporating into your home this Spring. Let us know down below which one you’ll be trying out! 

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