Dolan Falls Project: Living Room Revealed

We are so excited to share you with you the next room reveal in our DOLAN FALLS PROJECT. For the living room we went with a light, airy, casual and serene feel. Keeping the space inviting for plenty of relaxed family time and easy gatherings.

Already having a good neutral pallet to work with allowed us to bypass any renovations and focus on making this space welcoming and cozy. Incorporating beautiful, comfortable furnishings and tons of texture did just that!

We brought in a vintage style rug that we’ve used in several projects because it’s just that good. This rug is stain disguising, durable, and budget friendly! This family has two dogs so we made sure to choose durable materials that were “dog friendly.”

Using a variety of pillows lends an eclectic look to the sofa. Let’s be honest, a pillowscape can make or break a sofa!

Another one of my favorite things about this room are the windows. They are so big and let in so much natural light, so we added white drapes to soften this space and give it that “finished” look without blocking out any of that gorgeous sun light.

You do not have to choose between a living room that is beautiful or one that is realistic and livable for your family – you can have both and we love sharing our tips with you! I would love to know what you think about our Dolan Falls Project Reveals so far in the comments below! We are eager to share more with you!

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